Communication and Culture Review (ISSN: 2582-2829)is a peer reviewed, bi-annual international journal started to engage with realities, issues and ideas within the broad rubric of communication and culture studies. However, breaking away from the strait-jacketed disciplinary canons, the journal aims to interweave communication with strands of cultural, sociological, anthropological, performative, computational, political, philosophical, linguistic, political economy and other interdisciplinary approaches in examining a wide-range of mediatised and mediated phenomena.

Communication and Culture Review seeks to serve the Indian, Asian and international academic community and provides an appropriate platform to critically engage with global and local events in the context of traditional as well as contemporary digital media scenarios.

Communication and Culture Review is proud to state that its International Editorial Board includes academic scholars from far and wide with pioneering expertise in communication and culture studies.

The Journal appeals to academic fraternity to leverage this space in publishing articles and reviews and further encourages critical interventions and trenchant discussions concerning a wide range of topics on communication and culture at both regional and global levels.

The Journal encourages submissions that are empirical, critical, interventionist, exploratory and investigative research works. Further, it encourages authors to capture and apprehend emergent communication theories, knowledges and practices across the spectrum of media and cultural spaces.

Communication and Culture Review demonstrates its standard and quality through the publication of refereed articles and research papers. The journal in and of itself functions in an open access platform and thereby is fully supportive of Open Access practices. All content published in this journal is freely accessible to users and institutions. In addition, the journal adheres to the Budapest Open Access Initiative definition of open access.

The Journal uses a ‘Double Blind Peer Review’ and each article submitted is peer reviewed in its entirety by qualified scholars and experts before publication. All submissions are anonymised and distributed to two independent qualified experts via our Editorial Board. Authors will be able to access the status and will be intimated if the paper is accepted, rejected or accepted with changes. In case of the latter, the article will be published after ensuring that all changes have been carried out. If the review of one of the reviewers is incongruent with the other, the article will be submitted to a third reviewer.

Communication and Culture Review has been founded as part of funding offered by the UGC through the UGC-MRP project of the Editor of the journal titled Social Media Ethics: A socio-technical approach to the making of ethics among children and youth of Pondicherry and Tamilnadu. The Journal is supported and patronized by Pondicherry University.

Communication and Culture Review is published by:
Department of Electronic Media and Mass Communication
Pondicherry University, Puducherry, India

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